Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fish & Co

Actually ini bisa dibilang revisit, waktu itu gw buat review fish & co yang di singapore.. click here..

Decoration Fish & Co di Pacific menurut gw lucu, bagus buat foto2.. hehe.. Tapi yang di singapore punya lebih bagus, soalnya dia 2 lantai and itu khusus gedungnya Fish & Co.. hehe..

I ordered The Best Fish & Chip in The Town (69k), this is fish and chip with signature lemon butter sauce.. I like this fish and chip, the fish so soft, lembut gimana gitu.. haha.. Every time I ate fish and chip, I can't eat until finish, because because this is a lil bit oily, greasy food.. Jadi enek gitu kalau makan terlalu banyak.. hehe..

Coriander Catch (75k), this is dory fish with coriander.. The green one is coriander.. This is with rice raisin, and veggies... I like the rice raisin, is like Middle East Food.. :) But for the fish even it's also very soft, I more like the normal fish & chip.. But if you want to try other food, beside a normal fish and chip, you can try this.. :D

Fish & Co
Pacific Place
4th Floor

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