Friday, July 29, 2011

Union (revisit)

Yeahh.. this is the 2nd time I came here.. I came again because I'm curious with their pastry, because my friend said the pastry in here well-known.. Click here to see my 1st time came to Union..

I tried this Crunchy Chocolate Tart  (50k), I like this cake, but the taste just okay, nothing special.. The base is crunchy, the dark chocolate mousse very soft.. It's blended well... Oya.. FYI, they said that they used valrhona.. I know that valrhona is premium and one of the best chocolate, and also expensive..

They said this is the best cake in here.. Red Velvet (50k), Red velvet is a cake that the color very bright.. In here the red color from beetroot so more healthy than using food coloring... The cake is soft and light.. Layered with creamy white frosting, but I think they used Cream Cheese Frosting, because I can taste the cheese but not much, more tasted whipped cream.. And I can also taste a bit of rum.. Then coated with pistachio.. Hmm.. Actually, I don't like this cake.. hehe.. Because the taste quite unique, sweet, lil bit savory.. I don't like a cake that so many flavor in it.. But you can try this cake if you curious.. :D

My friend ordered Nero Pasta (65k), this is with tomato sauce and prawn... My friend said that the taste is good, but just standard, so-so lha... hehe..

I also ordered Marrocan Tea (20k), but I forgot to take the picture.. huhu.. Hmm. the taste of the tea quite unique.. If you like tea, you can try to order this tea.. :D

Actually the food and the pastry in here nothing special.. Biasa aja.. Just this restaurant just open and so many people coming here..

Happy trying.. ^^

Plaza Senayan Courtyard
Ground Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8

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