Friday, July 15, 2011


Today is FRIDAY.. the hell day in a week, when the traffic jam really really bad... After we see even a single car can't move outside Plaza Senayan, so we decided to wait in this new restaurant.. I don't know this is new restaurant or not, but I just saw this restaurant next to starbucks in Plaza Senayan.. hehe..

This is semi outdoor and semi fine dining restaurant.. Nice to hang out here.. But my advise, you better make reservation first in this restaurant.. hehe.. Or you have to wait in bar if they full book until there is a empty table, but you just can seat there until 7.30pm because there is another reservation  like what I experienced.. ^^

Actually we already full. so we decided to order one pasta to share, the waitress said the best pasta in this restaurant is Meatball Podomoro Spaghetti Basil (55k), I don't like the pasta because I think they too much used garlic and I don't like garlic.. but the meatball really tasty.. I like the meatball.. :D

Because I love Hot chocolate, so I ordered  Hot Chocolate (24k), but I more like the hot chocolate at De Luca, because in here we have to add the sugar by ourself and the taste like less something.. can't expalin.. >.<

The waitress recommend this drink, so my sis ordered Life is Good (30k), the concoction are grape fruit, fresh lemon sorbet, & sparkling water.. The taste?? Really SOUR.. trop acide... >.< Je n'aime pas.... My sis also don't like.. haha.. But maybe if you like sour, you can try this.. :D

Plaza Senayan Courtyard
Ground Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8

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