Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ming Village

My uncle son is 1st birthday.. So he make a birthday dinner for his 1 y.o son in Ming Village..

Sharkfin Soup.. I like this soup..

Peking Duck

Sauce for Peking Duck

I like Peking Duck in here.. The duck skin so crispy and "pembungkusnya" not thick.. Yummy..

Forgot the name.. But this is good.. Like it the vegetables very much.. :)

Prawn A la Ming..  I like it, but the prawn too small.. hixx..

This is the duck meat from peking duck.. The taste so nice, crunchy, and blend well, but a bit too oily..

The fish also delicious, but I don't know what kind of fish.. 

Mie Ulang Tahun.. The shrimp so fresh..

Don't know what the name.. But inside got green beans paste??
Birthday cake from Dapur Chocolate..

Ming Village
Senayan City 
3rd Floor

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