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Cheung Hung Seafood Restaurant (Hong Kong Trip "Day 1")

Hong Kong Trip "Day 1"

This is "my" very "unplanned" holiday.. Why?? it is because I don't plan to join my family holiday, at this time, I suppose to be already in Chicago, start studying pastry... But well.. Sometimes, God have a different plan.. My family already bought the airplane tickets since april, and I just bought the ticket 3 days before the departure date.. 

Okay.. when we arrived in HK, we took bus "very very long journey" to go to my uncle's place, then put the luggages, then my uncle took and treat us for dinner...

I just know that restaurant in HK usually gave us three tea pot and one big bowl.. One teapot of hot water to refill the tea and two teapots of different kind of teas to drink and wash all the chinaware..

FYI.. I don't know all the dish name and the prices, I can't even read the menu because all the menu in Chinese Language... :'(

The price is HKD 78..

 The soup from that big winter melon

This is the other bowl of the winter melon something soup.. This is so yummy and recommended.. The winter melon very smooth.. The soup consist chicken, crab stick, prawn, mushroom, and lotus seed.. =9

Fried Pigeon (small HKD 85)

Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs, I don't really like this.. The sauce taste good, but not the pork, too many bones and fat, so little meat..

I like this veggies.. Taste really good.. The veggie still crunchy, and there are two types of anchovies.. Must try..

The round one is tofu... I also like dish.. Taste good.. The tofu is soft inside and I think there is a bit od chopped shrimp mixed with the tofu.. Yumm..

This is glass noodle with veggies and a small shrimp.. The taste just okay for my liking..

This is chicken something, my grandma called this ayam tito.. The soup consist coconut milk.. Taste good, but I don't like the chicken (because I don't like see the chicken skin, bones, etc).. But the broth taste good, very tasty..


Green Bean Soup, this soup taste good.. but nothing special..

Red Bean Soup, the taste almost similar to green bean soup, but not as sweet as the green bean soup..

Overall my fav dish is winter melon soup, veggies with anchovies, and fried tofu with veggies..

Total price : HKD 568 (6 pax)

1 HKD = Rp 1.350,-

Hong Kong Trip "Day 3"

The third day of our vacation, my uncle took as to have some brunch (because is almost lunch time) to this place again... But the food that we ordered very different from the first day..

I like this, inside is veggies like carrot and mushroom... The white skin really smooth and soft..

This roasted pork really taste good.. the meat still tender, the skin was crisp, even though I don't eat the fat and the skin.. Really match with the mustard sauce..

Salted Egg Shrimp, I like this dish.. Really tasty... Not too salty and the skin was crisp.. Yumm..

Fried Angle Hair, I don't like this, the taste quite weird.. There are shrimp, duck, and veggies..

Oyster Omelette with Bitter Melon.. The oyster was fresh and not smelly.. Taste good, even though I don't like bitter melon..

Paprika with Fish Cake.. The taste quite okay, but nothing special..

I don't know what is this, but the skin quite chewy and inside got radish, chives, etc.. I don't like it..

My fav dish are Salted Egg Shrimp, Roasted Pork, and Chong Fan..

Cheung Hung Seafood Restaurant
G/F & 1/F, 5-5A Maple Street, Prince Edward
Hong Kong
(+852) 2194 9977

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