Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hong Kong Trip "Day 7"

Hong Kong Trip "Day 7"

We had breakfast at Tim Ho Wan again because we wanna try the other menu that we not yet try..
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After finish eating, we went to Langham Place, bought some stuff at H&M..
Then meet my cousin at Times Square (use MTR Causeway Bay) and bought some snack at the supermarket..

Matcha Custard (HKD 15)

I like this.. Taste good.. I love matcha.. I like the custard..

Softcream Cup Waffle Combo with Warabimochi & Hokkaido Red Bean (HKD 40), this ice cream matcha also taste good.. I like the mochi and the red bean.. But unfortunately, there is no cup to hold the waffle..

While waiting for my aunty to pick us to the dinner place, we feeling tired and hungry because we haven't had our lunch yet, so we decide to have a quick late lunch and early dinner at Toast Box..
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My aunty came at the right time, we just finish eating our meals.. Then we took bus and walk to the dinner place.. My other uncle treat us for the dinner at Asiana Restaurant, Wan Chai.. Anw I didn't take the picture of the food and I feel lucky that I eat before because I can't eat the food in here, too many pork with skin and fat, etc.. Not my kind of food... :'(

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