Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rice Paper

the waiting list people

Vietnamese Spring Roll (HKD 62), the filling is pork, dried shrimp, fungus, egg, vermicelli, sage, and black pepper.. The skin was crisp enough.. But the filling just so-so.. Quite bland for my liking.. But overall taste is quite okay..

Bun Cha Cold Vermicelli (HKD 86)

This is lemongrass pork chop with cold vermicelli.. The pork chop quite tender.. But the overall taste just okay.. Nothing special..

Prawn Rice Paper Roll (HKD 75)

This is serve with sweet chili dipping sauce.. I like this.. Taste good and yummy... The prawn and veggies are fresh.. Really match with the dipping sauce.. Recommended.. =9

Seafood Fried Rice (HKD 92), there are calamari, scallop, prawn, mussel, asparagus, fish, pineapple, and cashew nut.. I like this fried rice.. Really taste good.. Fresh seafood, sweet pineapple, tasty rice.. Recommended..

Roasted Pork Ribs (HKD 142), this is serve with BBQ sauce.. But the taste just so-so.. 

My fav dish : Seafood Fried Rice and Prawn Rice Paper Roll..


Hong Kong Trip "Day 8"

Yeah... we come back again to this restaurant for lunch...

Chicken Pad Thai with Viet XO Sauce (HKD 88), consist garlic, galangal, lemongrass, shallot, lime, onion, peanut, chili, and dried shrimp sauce.. The taste just so-so.. they use rice noodle..

Wok-Fried Chicken with Flat Noodle Set (HKD 88), this is include drink : fresh lime soda/hot lime ginger honey/soft drink. I forgot to take the picture of the drink.. :'( Anw.. the taste not really good, quite bland.. I prefer pad thai than this..

Pork Satay (HKD 76 - 6pcs)

The pork is tender, but not that tasty.. and quite bland again for my liking..

Raw Beef Soup Noodle (HKD 68), I like the meat, thin and tender.. But the broth doesn't taste that good, it smell like chinese herbs or something.. 

Purple Sticky Rice (HKD 48), this sticky rice taste just okay, but the presentation is pretty.. :) Anw the picture credit to my lil sis.. She's the one who take the picture with her camera.. The coconut jelly picture also credit to her.. :)

Young Coconut Jelly (HKD 52), I like this coconut jelly, yummyy... Can taste the coconut flavor, serve with papaya.. 

Overall I don't really like the food that we choose this time, except the coconut jelly.. I prefer the food at the first visit.. I think we choose the wrong menu this time.. :'(

*got free water
*all prices exclude 10% service charge..

Rice Paper
Shop 3319, 3rd Floor
Gateaway Arcade - Harbour City
17 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
(+852) 3151 7801

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