Friday, August 16, 2013

E&O - Eastern & Oriental

Thai Ice Tea (30k), taste okay, quite good..

FYI, the food in here for share because the portion quite big..

Grilled Beef Salad (90k), this is grilled beef with green mango, shallots, peanuts, mint, and nahm jim jauw.. I like the beef, very tender.. The mango taste sour, but match well with the beef etc.. Overall taste good..

Pad See Ew (110k), this is braised beef, flat rice noodle, kailan and dark soy... A bit spicy, a bit sweet, the meat contain fat, overall taste just so-so..

Jasmine Rice (15k), can share for 2 person, but don't have the jasmine fragance..

Tom Yum Soup (80k - half; 140k - regular), we choose half tom yum, but can share for 3-4 person.. The tom yum soup too sour for my liking.. But I like the prawn.. 

Peking Duck Fried Rice (95k), this is using thai curry powder, cherry tomatoes, pineapple and chili.. Taste okay, but nothing special.. A bit too spicy for my liking.. (I'm not a fan of spicy food)

Rate : 7/10 (maybe I choose the wrong menu, because my friend told me the food in here is good)

*all prices exclude s.c 10% + tax 10%

E & O
Menara Rajawali (across Oakwood)
1st floor
South Jakarta

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