Saturday, August 3, 2013

Eric Kayser

Day 3 cont..

Chouquette (HKD 25 - 5 pcs), The taste just so-so, I don't really like it..

Brasilia Tart (HKD 38)

Chinese Chicken Ciabatta (HKD 20)

Bacon Ciabatta (HKD 20)

Chocolate Viennoise (HKD 16), taste good, but nothing special..

Croissant (HKD 16), this croissant really taste good... Crispy and flaky outside, soft inside.. the best croissant... Must try...

Chocolate Croissant (HKD 17), this choco croissant also taste good.. The chocolate not too sweet.. Yumm..

Chocolate Eclair (HKD 30)

This is the inside of the eclair.. The taste quite okay, but nothing special..

Pistachio Eclair (HKD 30)

This is the inside of pistachio eclair.. The taste also so-so.. I don't really like their eclair..

I think in Eric Kayser, the best product is their croissant and the bakery product, not the pastry product..

Eric Kayser
Harbour City - Ocean Terminal
Ground Floor 
Hong Kong

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