Monday, August 5, 2013

Tim Ho Wan

Day 5..

Tim Ho Wan is a One Michelin Star Restaurant in HK, and I think this is the cheapest one also..
Luckily I no need to queue when coming here..

Tea for drink and wash the cutleries

Steamed Rice with Meat & Dry Cuttle (HKD 19), the picture look so ordinary, but the taste really really really good.. I really like this.. Must try... This is steamed rice with minced pork meat, dry cuttle, and water chesnut.. Really tasty...

Steamed Fresh Shrimp (HKD 24), this ha jiao taste good..

Steamed Egg Cake (HKD 15), taste sweet, using brown sugar, nothing special.. Overall, taste so-so..

Glutinous Rice Dumpling (HKD 25)

I like the filling and the glutinous rice, really taste good..

Steamed Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce (HKD 15)

Pan Fried Dumpling with Kimchi & Seaweed (HKD 16), I like the filling, can taste the kimchi, but the skin a bit too thick..

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (HKD 17)

This is really really really yummy.. The bun taste sweet and soft and crisp on the top.. The filling also taste good.. Must try.... =9

Steamed Beef Ball with Bean Curd Skin (HKD 15), this beef ball taste good, but nothing special..

Tonic Medlar & Petal Cake (HKD 10), the taste just so-so, but quite good, not too sweet, the texture like combination of jelly and agar..

Fav dish : Steamed Rice  and Baked Bun..

* Tea (HKD 2/person)
* Total price : HKD 164

Hong Kong Trip "Day 7"

We came here again to have some breakfast and try the other dim sum that we not yet try at the first visit.. :)

Vermicelli Roll Stuffed with Shrimp (HKD 20), I like this.. Fresh shrimp, soft and smooth skin.. Taste good..

Vermicelli Roll Stuffed with BBQ Pork (HKD 18), this one also taste good, but I prefer the shrimp because I like shrimp.. *personal preference

Pan Fried Green Pepper Filled with Fish and Pork (HKD 16), I like this, taste good.. The filling also taste good.. :)

Steamed Dumpling in Chiu Chow Style (HKD 11), the filling are meat, nuts, and turnip. I don't really like this, don't like the filling and the skin.. The skin a bit too thick for my liking..

Pan Fried Turnip Cake (HKD 12), I don't really like it.. The taste just so-so..

Deep Fried Spring Roll Filled with Shrimp & Egg White (HKD 20), the taste quite okay, but I can't taste the shrimp, just taste the egg white.. Anw the skin is crisp enough..

Deep Fried Dumpling Filled with Meat (HKD 12)

The skin a bit chewy, quite like mochi texture, taste a bit sweet.. Filled with meat.. I just like the skin..

Steamed Beancurd Skin Roll Filled with Meat & Vegetable (HKD 15), the taste just mediocre, but I like the beancurd skin..

Sweet Red Bean Cream with Chesnut (HKD 15), I like this, taste good, not too sweet, the chesnut also soft enough.. Like it.. =9

Double Boiled Bird's Nest & Egg White (HKD 48), the taste just okay, I don't really like it.. The texture similar like custard or bean curd..

Fav dish: Vermicelli Roll Stuffed with Shrimp and Red Bean Cream..

*Total price : HKD 212

Tim Ho Wan
G/F, 9-11 Fuk Wing Street
Sham Shui Po
Hong Kong
(+852) 2788 1226
Operation Time : 08.00 - 21.30

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