Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hong Kong Trip "Day 8"

Hong Kong Trip "Day 8"

Last day... Day 9 will going back with morning flight..

We had breakfast (dim sum) at Jiang Shun, 25th Floor, iSquare.. Too bad I'm too lazy to take the picture at that time.. Anw.. The food just taste okay, nothing special, quite expensive.. But the view from the restaurant really pretty, we sit near the window..

View from the restaurant

After had our breakfast, we walk around iSquare, then move to Harbour City.. Then passing by this gelato stall named Venchi..

Fig (HKD 33)

Hazelnut (HKD 33), I like this hazelnut ice cream.. taste really good... Yumm..

Then we went to Laduree.. There is a new flavor at Laduree Hong Kong, iced mint, venezuela chocolate, and coconut.. I just try the iced mint for the new flavor and marshmallow chocolate coconut.. I like both.. Macarons in laduree is the best...

Macarons (HKD 23/piece)

We had lunch at Rice Paper again... Click here to see the review..

Then had dinner at Food Republic..
I just took photos of the dessert.. :)

Mango Pomelo & Sago Pudding (HKD 18)

Mango Pudding (HKD 18), this is taste quite good, but nothing special..

Mango Pancake (HKD 18)

Steamed Custard with Milk (HKD 14), I don't like this.. Ginger flavor.. :(

Osmanthus & Wolfberry Pudding (HKD 15 - 3pcs)

Jiang Shun
Shop 2502, 25th Floor
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
(+852) 2368 8968

Harbour City, Ocean Terminal
Shop OTG16A, Ground Floor
Hong Kong

Food Republic
Basement Floor
30 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui 
Hong Kong

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