Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hong Kong trip "Day 5 + Day 6"

Hong Kong Trip "Day 5"

We had Lunch at Tim Ho Wan.. The cheapest one star-michelin restaurant.. Click here to see the review..

Then when we on the way to MTR, I pass by some snack stall and bought some snack..
Egg Waffle (HKD 8), taste sweet and good, I like it..

I met my aunty and then going to her brother in law's apartment at Beverly Villas, Kowloon City.. Have a chit chat.. At night, we went to Jade Terrace to had dinner (my aunty brother in law treat us)
Click here to check Jade Terrace review..

After finished our dinner, we going back home..
Then me and my sis feel bored and decided to have a walk.. Suddenly I want to eat chinese or Hong Kong dessert so I asked some people where is the nearest dessert place, the lady told me there is a dessert place quite near from the place I asked her, but only have chinese name.. Then we walk to that place using google maps (not really helping), we get lost, walking around in the same area several times.. Almost give up and decided to going back home, but still trying to find.. and finally after 35-50 minutes walking aroung to find that place..we found the dessert place named Shek Moh Fong.
Click here to see the review..


Hong Kong Trip "Day 6"

Yeyy.. Disneyland.. ^^
I bought the disney ticket at avenue of star.. The ticket price is HKD 450..

The Golden Mickey Show

We had lunch at Royal Banquet Hall at Fantasyland..

Baked Pork Rice (HKD 88)

Fish & Chip (HKD 82), this fish and chip include mushroom soup *the picture below*, I like the mushroom soup.. Taste good.. The fish and chip taste okay.. But nothing special..

Mushroom Soup

Curry Pork Bento (HKD 88), overall taste okay.. I like the rice and the curry sauce..

Mystic Point

Festival of The Lion King (must watch!!)

Firework Closing at 9 pm (MUST WATCH!!! So PRETTY <3)

After we watched the fireworks, we went back home.. And we had dinner at Chun Mei Yuen..

Steamed BBQ Pork Bun (HKD 14), the taste just okay, the bun is soft..

Fish Stick & Vegetable Congee (HKD 20)

The taste just so-so... :'(

Steamed Rice with Chicken & Fungus (HKD 23), this is the food that I ordered, but at the end I didn't touch this food because of how the food looks.. :'(

When we walk to home, we stop at seven eleven to buy some snacks..

Kowloon Milk Chocolate (HKD 12 - 2 bottle) and Real O-Brownie (HKD 25.9), I like the chocolate milk.. Taste good, not too sweet.. Yummy.. The brownie also taste good, but nothing special..

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