Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gelato Bar

I often pass by this Gelato Bar at Senayan City, but I never try it.. Finally today I can try this because my autie wanna treat us.. hehe.. :D

I ordered this because I love the color and the layering.. So nice isn't it?? This is Chocolate Mint Latte (37.5), Latte with layer of chocolate and mint flavor.. The first layer in the bottom is chocolate, the green one is skim milk with mint flavor, the third layer is decaf espresso, the top is the foam.. The taste?? Yummy.. I like this, because it's light, not bitter because I choose with skim milk and decaf coffee, but you can also choose with the normal milk and normal coffee.. :D

Japan Moment (55k), actually this waffle served with green tea ice cream and red bean ice cream with red bean sauce, but you can change the ice cream to what ice cream you like.. :D I'm not try this, but they said the taste okay lha..

G'Bar Tiramisu (59.5k), this is lady finger with mascarpone ice cream, coffee liquer and cocoa powder.. I'm also not try this.. because actually I'm already full and don't want eat sweet food, I just try the coffee liquer.. it's kahlua.. haha.. :D

I ordered this one.. Fruity Indulgence (55k), this is yogurt ice cream and chocolate ice cream with peach, lychee, strawberry, and mango sauce.. I like the chocolate ice cream, but for the yogurt?? I don't really like, because it's taste very creamy and not like usual yogurt ice cream.. hehe..

Gelato Bar
Senayan City
Lower Floor

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