Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monolog (revisit)

This is the second time I came here, because my friends wanna try the dessert/pastry in here.. My another friend also said that the pastry chef in here from Japan.. So we want to try... About the first review, click here..

My another friend said that the banana muffin, palmier and financier in here is nice.. So we try it..
This is Banana Muffin (10k), for me this just taste so-so, because I can't really taste the banana and I already tried banana muffin more delicious than in here in Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore..

The left one is Orange Madeline (10k), I also don't really like this madeline, my friend said that the nice madeline in Bonjour-Grand Indonesia.. FYI, madeline is made from egg, flour, sugar, and butter.. Actually this is a friend to drink coffee or tea..

The right one is Chocolate Financier (10k), Financier usually using ground almond and my chef said that the perfect financier is similar to muffin, in here the chocolate financier taste okay, but not soft..

Palmier (10k), actually this palmier taste good, but just quite hard.. This is similar like Genji Pie in supermarket.. haha.. But Genji Pie crunchy, crisp, and soft, but this one crunchy, crip, and quite hard..haha.. But okay lha.. Not bad.. :D

Strawberry Tart (30k), the taste?? just okay.. not really good.. I don't know why, I just feel that the base of this strawberry tart, financier, and madeline is similar.. >.< Like sponge cake, but not moist, lil bit dry, and quite heavy, not light..

Financier (10k), this is the normal financier, they said using 100% ground almond.. Actually I more like the taste of this financier than the choco one.. But.. unfortunately.... When I divided into two.. In the middle of this financier not really cooked well... You can see the picture in below..

You know its cooked well or not, you can see from the color, in the middle the color quite shiny and more yellow than the other, actually this photo not clear, can't see well.. I thinks it's happen maybe because the celcius degree to high, so the edge already cooked, quite burn, but the middle not yet cooked well, because it's more thick.. But for me, I don't mind and I'm not complain, because the taste quite good.. And if you make many pieces, you can't check one by one.. :D

My friend ordered Frozen Chocolate Mint (38k), I like this drink, you cant taste the mint and the chocolate.. Yummy.. =9

Gourmet Lemonade (36k), my friend said the taste okay, but they used soda.. hehe..

Iced Chocolate Hazelnut Praline (38k), they said this is the recommend drink in chocolate drink, but I don't really like.. It's taste good.. But not my taste.. But my friend said this taste is unique and good.. hehe.. Oya... too much ice cube on it..

My sis ordered Chocolate Banana Smoothies (38k), the taste?? the taste banana too strong so can't really taste the chocolate.. >.< 

Plaza Senayan
Palm Gate Entrance Unit CP 101 B

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