Sunday, July 17, 2011


My father really like to eat in here, I don't know why.. Maybe because the shabu-shabu in here really nice.. hehe..

We ordered wagyu shabu-shabu (179k), I like the wagyu shabu-shabu in here, the sauce and the stock really nice.. If you like shabu-shabu, you can try it in takigawa Senayan City, because I tried in takigawa other branches, not good as in Senayan City....and here is the photo...

The Sauce

For the shabu they have assorted vegetable, tofu, udon, carrot, fish cake, assorted mushrooms..

This is the wagyu... =9

My mom really like this Foie Gras Chawan Mushi (19k), I don't try this because I don't like foie gras.. I'm really picky about food, even many people said foie gras really nice.. hehe..

My sis ordered Sarada Cone (19k), actually this is like california roll, inside had crab stick, mayo, kiuri (japanese cucumber), avocado.. the taste okay lha.. hehe

My bro ordered Inarisushi (22k), I don't try this because I think this is usual sushi.. inari sushi made from egg.. haha..

Salmon Teriyaki (59k), I like salmon teriyaki in here, and this salmon teriyaki comes with rice.. hehe.. the sauce lil bit sticky and sweet, but it's nice, the salmon also crisp outside and moist inside..
Peanut Colada (50k), my father really like this drink until he order again,, but I don't really like it because it contain peanut.. hehe.. I don't really like peanut mixed into drink.. but if you like peanut, you can try this, actually this is not bad.. :)

Cappucino Twist (25), the taste okay lha.. like normal iced cappucino with whipped cream..

This is complimentary dessert.. I think this is adzuki pudding.. I like this pudding, not the sweet but nice.. ^^

Senayan City
5th Floor

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