Thursday, July 7, 2011


After me and my lil' sis finshed our French Class, we decided to eat in here with M, while waiting for atelier "chanson francais"....

Table Set Up
The Menu
Inside The Restaurant

Sushi Bar

Cold Ocha (Refill-Free)
Underneath chopstick (Made by myself)
Nice Word I Found Behind The Toilet Door
Complimentary Appetizer
Tori Teriyaki Bento (Included Miso Soup & Chawan Mushi)
Tori Teriyaki Bento (59k), When the food came out, I'm a lil bit shocked, because in the picture, the chicken is like chicken katsu but with teriyaki sauce.. The fact they didn't fried and still had the skin.. So I asked the waitress why it's different with the picture, the waitress just said,"You want us to remove the skin??" I said,"Sure.." The taste... Pas Mal (not bad).. Standard only..

My sis ordered Tori Katsu Bento (59k), she said the taste so-so, similar like hoka-hoka bento.. hahahaha..

The waitress said the are some Japanese festival or something, so we can write our wish in that paper, the they will hang in the tree.. 

Dessert Complimentary (fruit and jelly in vanilla sauce)

Torigen Japanese Restaurant
Jl. Wijaya I No. 53

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