Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yeyy.. Finally I tried Bonjour... My friend, the same one who went to Tin Pan Alley and Monolog with me said that the pastry in here really nice and the chef from Japan.. so I'm curious and wanna to try..

This is Eri (32k), from all the cake I tried, I love this cake the most... this cake have 3 layers, the bottom is choco sponge if I'm not wrong, then the second layer is dark choco mousse, the top one is milk choco mousse, then coating with choco.. Yummy.. the mousse really soft.. And even all chocolate, but not too sweet.. Make you wanna eat more and more.. Must try.. =9
Inside the cake

Rare Cheese (30k) this sponge cake and rare cheese.. I like the taste of the rare cheese, it's really soft too like mousse.. but the sponge even it's light, but for me a lil bit dry, not moist, so I don't really like the sponge cake.. hehe..

Strawberry Short (30k), this is sponge cake layered with sliced strawberry and cream.. the cream really like.. I like the strawberry, but for the sponge, like I said before, even light, but a lil bit dry.. hehe.. But my friend really likes this cake.. So.. you can try this also.. hehe.. :)

Choco Finansie (12k), I like choco finansie in here than in monolog.. Choco finansie in here really moist, soft.. Yummy.... =9

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
East Mall - LG Floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin No.1

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