Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ebisu Curry

Finally today I tried Ebisu Curry.. My lil sis a couple days/weeks ago already ate in this restaurant..
This restaurant quite small and the menu also not much... hehe..

My mom ordered Caesar Salad (15k), even this salad not like the usually caesar salad, but the taste not bad.. hehe.. I like the crouton.. :)

If you want order the curry, there are few step.. The first step choose the curry sauce.. then choose the size, and the last step is choose the topping.. for the sauce I choose Ebisu Beef Sauce, they said in the menu this sauce cooked for 72 hour.. Then I choose Normal Size (49k), and Fillet Katsu (24k) for the topping.. Fillet kastu in here made from pork tenderloin.. and the normal size in here for me already big enough, you can share with your friend.. hehe..  I like the katsu, but for the curry sauce, I more like the curry at Taichan.. :)

At the end, we get the complimentary dessert Grape Jelly.. ^^

Oya.. I almost forget, we also got free iced water.. :)

Ebisu Curry
Kamome Building, 2nd Floor
Jl Melawai Raya 189 B
Jakarta Selatan

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