Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bagel Bagel

I really want to try this food, because in twitter so many peoples said this bagel really good..but I don't know the way to go to bagel bagel.. haha.. Finally... I'm arrived at bagel bagel, after lost 2 times.. >.<  When I came, not many guest in there, but I have to waited quite long because the other guest order the food so long..

They said the best drink in here is Homemade Thai Iced Tea (15k),I like this thai iced tea, but for me nothing special.. the taste same like other thai iced tea.. hehe..

Unfortunately I didn't get what I want to try.. Firstly I want to try their special of the week, roast turkey with cranberry sauce.. But the roast turkey not yet ready.. >.< Then I decided to try Egg, bacon, and cheese Bagel, but they don't have the cheese also.. -___-" It's annoyed me so much.... How can they start their business, but not prepare all ingredients they need..

Then I ordered Egg, Beef Bacon, & Cheese with Cheese bagel (45k).. Firstly I want with whole wheat bagel, but again and again, they don't have too.. >.< Because they don't have the cheese also, so I asked them to replace the cheese with cranberry sauce.. The taste??? So-so only.. Nothing special..

My sis also orderd Egg, Bacon, and Cheese with Plain Bagel (45k).. But she want with streaky bacon.. Actually the name used to be egg and bacon, because no cheese.. -___-"

Bagel Bagel
Jl. Benda Raya No.10

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