Friday, July 15, 2011


Because my sis wanna find skirt and long shirt, so we went to Plaza Senayan.. Firstly I ate Kebab at Donner Kebab.. Long time not eat kebab.. Yummy.. Then we decided to find dessert at Marche..

Every time I went to Marche I always ordered Strawberry Panna Cotta (35k), J'aime beaucoup this panna cotta.. they layered the based with chocolate and the strawberry not sour, I think they used organic strawberry.. And they royal give the strawberry.. Ahh... because I wrote about this, now I want to eat this strawberry panna cota.. huhu.. :'(

We also ordered Rooibos Tea (10.5k) - refillable, they said this is flowered tea with vanilla flavor, but I didn't taste or smell any vanilla flavor/scent... The waiter in there also said this tea will taste more nice if you add some lemon/honey/their homemade mint syrup.. :)

Plaza Senayan
5th Floor

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