Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rumah Makan Putri

Wohoo... Indoneisan food that near my house.. ^^


We ordered food to take away, while waiting for the food, my sis ordered Candil (12k), this is indonesian dessert, if I'm not wrong the ingredients are coconut milk, brown sugar, rice flour.. I don't know.. But the taste okay.. hehe.. ^^

Ayam Penyet Komplit (30k), this is rice with fried chicken, fried tofu & soybean patty, sayur asem, and sambel ulek.. My sis really like ayam penyet in here.. If u like or you want to try smashed chicken, you can go to Putri..

I ordered Nasi Kuning Putri (30k), this is yellow rice (rice with turmeric and coconut milk), with shredded beef (empal), egg, potato cake, anchovies. yellow pickles, potato crisp, and fried soybean patty.. The taste?? Yummy.. I love this... :D

This is Nasi Langgi (27.5k), this is rice with sheredded beef (empal suwir), coconut flakes (serundeng), fried potato chip, egg, potato cake, and fried cripy shrimp.. My mom like this.. haha..

The conclusion, all indonesian food in here are delicieux.. :D

Rumah Makan Putri
Jl. Cikanjang No.29
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

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