Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I already know this place since I was in junior high school, because my mom like to buy birthday cake in here.. The cake in here really delicious... the bread also nice... They sale various of cakes, breads, now they sale ice cream, cupcakes, candies, etc.... You can also ordered other foods from the menu..

Opera (22.5k),  Opera is made from jaconde/almond sponge, coffee syrup and layered with butter cream and ganache.. I like opera cake.. because the taste really nice..

This is the cake that I love the most in here Marjolaine (27k), I don't know actually what this is made from.. but this cake really delicious.. very soft, spongy.. I think this contain nut/almond maybe.. You must absolutely try this cake.. and you will fall in love with this cake...... ^^

Kaesar Choco (21.5k), this is layared choco cake, and you can taste rhum flavor in this cake, the rhum quite strong in the taste...

Black Forest (24k), many people know about this cake and this is a common cake, you can find this cake everywhere... But black fores in here different with the others.. the sponge really soft.. and you can really taste the black cherry and kirsch...

Tiramisu (28k), hmm.. firstly my friend thought this is alot of whipped cream.. but I don't know what thats exactly, the texture more like whipped cream than mascarpone, but the taste not like whipped cream nor mascarpone.. don't know lha... I more like tiramisu at Capocaccia, even the price very crazy for me.. hehe

This is Traditional English Breakfast by twinings...  The taste for me like normal tea, but I don't know.. I don't know much about tea or coffee.. hehe.. FYI.. the yellow one beside the tea is sugar.. haha...
Lemon Twist by twinings...

Jl. Wijaya I No. 60
(021) 720-8351

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