Friday, July 22, 2011

Warung Pasta

Yeahh.. Apres mon Francais cour.. Mon et mon soeur sont allée à Warung Pasta à Kemang..

In here quite hot, even they already have air conditioner, don't know why... >.<

Hot Italian Chocolate (15k), I don't like it, because the taste just like Milo.. >.<

Chocolate Milk Shake (13.5k), the taste okay lha.. more better than the hot choco.. standard milkshake.. ^^

Baby Beef  (24.5k) - Large, Hmm.. I love the sauce because it's cheese... yummy.. But because this is home made ravioli, they make the pasta too thick.. I don't like it.. Just like the sauce.. Inside the ravioli is beef..

Creamy Chese (20k), in the menu said this is crisp pizza with cream sauce, smoked beef, and mozzarella.. But when they served you can see, there no mozzarella, just like grated chedar :( and u can count how many the smoke beef.. haizz.. Whereas the picture in the menu there are so many smoke beef and melted mozzarella.. Really different from the menu.. Quite disappointed... :(

Avocado Cheese Cake (15k), I love this dessert.. Yummy.... I can taste both avocado and cheese, not too cheesy nor too avocado.. Just perfect and not too sweet.. =9

The conclusion, I just like the dessert in warung pasta.. haha..

Warung Pasta
Kemang Raya No. 54
Jakarta Selatan

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